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Carole Meneghel


Carole Meneghel has studied the violin at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. She has also benefited from master classes and private lessons with great masters, among others Rodney Friend, from the Royal College of London, in England, and Olivier Jung, leader of the Orchestre National de Montpellier, in France.

Her career, in America and in Europe, is diversified: she has worked in classical music (with many Canadian and French orchestras, among others), in chamber contemporary music (with the Musicatreize Ensemble, from Marseille, and the Delta Ensemble, from Bordeaux, among others), in jazz and in pop music. In this last style, she has been soloist for well-known artists on both continents, playing in Canada, USA, France, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. She was also soloist during some games of the Montreal Canadians, at Molson Centre (now known as Bell Centre).

Besides being an interpreter, she has been Director of the French branch of the German international publishing house Lugert Verlag during four years, she works as a music journalist for many years, and she works regularly for the communication-marketing department of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal.

Robert Piette

ROBERT PIETTE, associate

Robert Piette (artist name: Robert Len), who holds a Bachelor degree in trumpet from Concordia University, a Master's degree in trumpet from Université de Montréal and a Certificate in education from UQAM, has an impressive track record. He has played many times at the Montreal International Jazz Festival (with the Millenium Orchestra Big Band, Colin James, Oliver Jones, Barclay Road, Shirley Basset and Diane Schurr). He has also played in the Montreal's Olympic Stadium (with Orchestre Métropolitain) and at the Toronto Jazz Festival (with the Dennis Christiansen Big Band). With this ensemble, he has also toured Western Canada and Europe.

He has appeared on television (on CFCF with Ranee Lee and Buddy Greco, among others), and has an extensive discography.

Over the years, Robert Len has developed a passion for multi-ethnic instruments, particularly for countless flutes and percussions. The music he creates, in which passion, fieriness, freedom and zen spirit become entangled, is especially appealing.

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