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Violin and exotic instruments: iLenKa

iLenKa is an ensemble of varying dimensions (2 to 6 musicians) based on multi-instrumentalist Robert Len and violinist Carole Meneghel.

iLenKa is a multidisciplinary spectacle whose cornerstone is the music composed by Robert Len and the screenings and scenarios created by Carole Meneghel. iLenKa's music, sometimes sweet, sometimes virtuoso, sometimes cinematographic, combines the violin's warmth with many surprising instruments from around the world, and is featuring a mixing of world music with influences of lounge and jazz, which is characterised by its subtlety and a wide range of emotions.

It moves the audience from laughter to tears, and their emotions are exacerbated with visual effects, screenings, components of theatre, costumes and prop. Almost all forms of art are represented here: music, cinema, theatre and photography.

The audience leaves the theatre, feeling they have lived a truly unique experience, sometimes comical, always fascinating, touching and memorable.

The effective staging and the lighting design have been produced by Aimé Chartier. The Chante-Joie Choir can join iLenKa for the two last pieces of the program.

iLenKa's first eponymous CD has been launched on November 9, 2011 in Montreal, under the Apollonia label. The iLenKa show has been premiered at the Studio-Théâtre of Place des Arts on April 20, 2012 in its trio version, with percussionist Gérald Bissonnette. iLenKa has just been invited to perform at the Draperie, in the Roubaix "Quartier des Arts", in the north of France.

USA and Canada: prostudiomasters.com

USA: hdtracks.com

Japan: e-onkyo.com

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Two major international successes: Hope and Fragile by Robert Len

Robert Len's high definition records "Hope" and "Fragile" are distributed internationally under the 2xHD label (president: Anré Perry; vice-president: René Laflamme). Here is what André Perry, a pillar of our music industry, says on the cover about Robert Len:

"Composer/arranger/musician/teacher Robert Len is not an ordinary musician. A virtuoso of an incredible amount of instruments, Robert is accomplished in many styles of music from Jazz, Big Band, Pop, to Classical and New Age.

In this album, he uses a unique combination of instruments which include the flugelhorn, trumpet, muted trumpet, classical and electric guitars, percussions and many flutes from his exotic personal collection. He backs them up with samplings of 4 French horns and 4 trombones as he explores the jazz, pop and traditional worlds you will find in our choice of material. Playing all these instruments in his personal, romantic style, Robert reaches our emotions with his warm sound.

As a producer, it has been a wonderful experience for me to work with a musician of such range and talent. This project is a work of love. Give it a listen."

ANDRÉ PERRY Fidelio Technologies

Pour télécharger "Fragile" de Robert Len en haute définition :

USA and Canada: prostudiomasters.com

USA: hdtracks.com

Japan: e-onkyo.com

iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Robert Len, soundtrack composer and editing

Robert Len, soundtrack composer and editing

The Apollonia production company is a guarantee of the highest quality, and is pleased to have the services of a composer of Robert Len's caliber. He offers his services to directors, composing in all musical styles with equal ease and emphasizing in an exceptional way all the subtleties of the images.

First example: montage made by Robert Len and Carole Meneghel to music by Robert, for Influence Communication, a media information broker specializing in the monitoring, synthesis and analysis of media content. Influence has a network of partners and effective press services in more than 160 countries.

Second example: partnership between Robert and Pond5.

Third example: DVD on the life of the great poet Rina Lasnier. Robert recorded the voices of the actresses, composed the music and made the video editing.

Three following examples: music composed by Robert on documentaries, notably for the Spanish director Rafa Herrero Massieu.

Second to last example: Robert's symphonic composition on breathtaking images of birds.

Last example: Robert's soundtrack on a cartoon by Ileana Daniella Darie.

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